Ever since I was a little girl I wanted desperately for someone to find me and “work their magic on me,” like in the movie Cineralla. It wasn’t enough to be a “good person” you needed the beauty to go with it. I waited and waited for the day to come..but no such luck. It never came. I found myself despising the way I looked. I had huge glasses, a big nose, and a gangly body. It never occured to me, until much later, that I Was beautiful, just the way I was. I didnt have to have a “make-over” to make myself into what society tells me is beautiful. I already had the most amazing, talented, fashion designer craft me into existence with His bare hands. God created me the way I am. He formed every part of me. Who am I to say “Oops God, you messed. I’m not right”? Take a look in the mirror, dont compare yourself to anyone else..cuz no one else is there. Take a look at how beautifully, and skillfully God handcrafted you. You. are. beautiful.

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