everywhere you look now everything is fake. fake boobs. fake faces (covered with makeup). fake smiles. i grew up seeing alot of “fake” first hand. what’s funny is the fake hair, the makeup, the plastic surgery, all of the cosmetic things dont get me mad it just makes me sad for the person who feels they need that to be happy, beautiful, successful, or even just worth spending time with. the fake smiles however are a different story. i hate how we tend to “pretend” around everyone. i see people act one way when with one person and be the exact opposite with another. there is no “genuine.” that makes me even sadder. i saw this lived out in the worst way in my teen years with my “fake” friends. when it was just me and them, we were doing great. laughing. having fun. but the second anyone else came around..”bekah didnt exsist.” this all stems from the same thing though. lack of self-approval almost. a need for someone else to accept you. and in order to do that we become “fake.” putting on a mask that after years of juggling has become a permanent part of life. a fixture, movable but too painful to re-move. we have lost ourselves in this need to impress and to feel love, when in fact we lose what is most precious.

simply you.

no one is like you. why should you look at others and try to conform and fit into a mold you were never meant to fit into? you rob the world of the joy of having your skills, love, quirkiness, humor, etc displayed for all to see.

so, who are you?

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