Beautiful You is not your average girls conference. It provides a unique opportunity for teenage girls to both learn and express themselves through the arts. The conference addresses important topics such as worldly expectations, relationships, leadership, and much more. From the beginning to end, each girl is constantly reminded of how truly unique and beautiful she is. I was impressed by how much genuine insight and wisdom was poured out in just one weekend. I felt encouraged and empowered by guest speaker Lisa Lloyd. She made herself vulnerable to us, sharing her own story and addressing the struggles of womanhood with pinpoint accuracy. When we discussed these struggles later in small groups, many of the girls were surprised to find that they had similar insecurities. Having a more intimate setting not only allowed us to speak our minds and be heard, but to give and receive encouragement from each other. I can’t wait to see what blessing God brings at the next Beautiful You!
Elle Sanders

The Event

It is a weekend event for middle school and high school girls. We will use music, art, drama, dance, one-on-one time, and group interaction to discuss beauty, 

BeautifulYoubody image, self-worth and finding a purpose. The weekend will be full of hands on renewal. We will have fun and play games but also break apart the lies that have been told to us through the media, our parents, our friends, teachers, and schoolmates. It will allow God a chance to mend the brokenness in each of us and simply showing each girl that we are all worth it. We are worth being respected and loved in a way that is not harmful. 

BeautifulYouWe are worth having someone fight for us. God is there to fight for us, in any situation. So come join us and start a revolution, you are worth it and you. are. beautiful.