Beautiful You Girl – Angela


Name: Angela B.

Grade: Sophomore at UT Austin

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you hobbies?

I spend a lot of my free time in organizations at school. I’m involved with a retreat for incoming students called Ignite. The retreat is designed to introduce campers to Christian community on and around campus and my role is simply to pray for them. Praying over our upcoming campers brings me great joy in knowing that we are lifting them up before they even meet us. So cool! I also love to spend free time reading new books. I recently started The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and I’m looking forward to reading Mere Christianity next.

Any favorite Celebrities right now?

Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, Ben Rector, Emma Thompson, John Mayer, Jimmy Needham, Michael Bublé. I love all of their work!

What is something that brings you the most joy in your life?

I love to spend intentional time with the Lord! This can include reading his Word, worshipping with my church body, or discussing his greatness with friends. I know he is faithful and wonderful and it’s a great gift to celebrate my relationship with him every day!

How did you hear about Beautiful You? What made you decide to come?

I heard about Beautiful You from my friend Rebekah. Beautiful You seemed like a great way to learn about the truths of beauty as a woman of God and I didn’t want to miss out. The conference revealed a lot of the self esteem issues I had neglected to acknowledge and began a healthy healing process. I am so thankful that I attended Beautiful You and can’t wait to see what God does this year!

Any Community Service activities you participate in? How are you now taking what you have learned and impacting those around you?

I volunteer with my church in Austin and go on summer mission trips to New Orleans with Legacy Church. I’ve learned the value of giving compliments that remind other women that their beauty is not dependent on how much effort they put into their appearance or what they look like in the mirror. I’ve begun reminding friends that their beauty is from their identity in the Lord and that they are not a product of the world. Beautiful You has taught me a lot about the ways women suffer from self esteem issues and what I can do as a fellow woman fighting the same struggles.