Beautiful You Girl – Chely


Name: Chely J
Grade: 11th
Tell Us About Yourself: 
    I love to dance, run, and spend time with my friends and family.
    Dance is my passion.  I use dance to express my feelings. It may sound funny to
    some, but I like to run distance because it helps me to relax and takes away any
    stress I might be feeling. The best thing about being with my friends and family is
    laughing and being silly.
Favorite Celebrities:
    Huge crush on Will Smith.  Like to watch Melanie Moore, the winner of SYTYCD perform.
What is Something That Brings Joy To Your Life?
     Performing!  Having the opportunity to just let go, feel free, and dance.
How Did You Hear About Beautiful You? What Made You Decide to Attend?
    I heard about the event from a friend.  It sounded like an awesome idea to learn and be a part of the program.  Then, I was invited to actually perform in the program.  It was a blessing.
How Do You Impact Others From What You Learned at the Event?
     I have learned to speak openly and speak what is on my mind. Also from this Christian dance crew I am in called TruCrew I have learned how just to be me and no one else because I can’t be like anyone else but me. I have learned that there are people out there that will love you for you .