Beautiful You Girl – Halie


Name: Halie

Grade: 9

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you hobbies? I love to sing, dance, act and model. I love making my friends and family smile, going to Starbucks and having fun! I also love inspirational quotes and posting encouraging things and pics on Instagram.

Any favorite Celebrities right now? I like Francesca Battistelli, Adele, & Rihanna. I also like Josh Hutcherson.

What is something that brings you the most joy in your life? Something that brings me joy is going to church and leading worship. Then I sometimes get to see the impact God has on other peoples lives:) I also like using my gifts…I model to show attitude, I dance to speak a language, I sing to show emotion, I act to show personality. I don’t do these things because I am good at them, I do them because I have passion for them.

How did you hear about Beautiful You? What made you decide to come? I heard about Beautiful last year through AMTC and I auditioned to help with it. After knowing what it was about I was excited to participate.

What was your Favorite part of the Event? My favorite part was being able to help people during the acts of kindness and meeting new people and creating new relationships.

And what was the most challenging for you? It was a challenge to go not really knowing many people but I made friends and had a great time. It was also hard when we took our make up off… but the blue mask stuff was fun!

Any Community Service activities you participate in? I have helped with church stuff as well as events with Kohl’s called Associates in Actions. There I get to help kids in the community in various ways sometimes stuffing backpacks for back to school or handing candy at events that are raising money to bless kids. I love that I get to see kids, and that when I volunteer I know it helps many of their different needs and helps make them smile. 

How are you now taking what you have learned and impacting those around you? I feel like I am using what I learned at Beautiful every day. I try to remind myself to keep strong and use it to help encourage others. Whether its with insecurity, struggles in the heart and even relationship stuff. God is always there for us, and I am trying to always be there for friends and remind them, we are not alone.

collage halie