Beautiful You Girl – Ruth

Name: Ruth P.

Grade: 12th

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you hobbies?

Dance, Watching TV and playing C.O.D. I like dance cuz it lets me express myself. I’ve recently become kind of obsessed with playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It’s awesome!

Any favorite Celebrities right now?

I love One Direction! Louis! He is awesome.

What is something that brings you the most joy in your life?

Dance, Hip Hop, Sharks. Dance is my life. I recently hurt my back and haven’t been able to dance and that has been so difficult. I wanna get back in class as soon as possible. Don’t even get me started on sharks! Anyone who knows me knows I’m kind of in love with sharks. I want to study Marine Biology in college.

How did you hear about Beautiful You? What made you decide to come?

I heard about Beautiful You from Rebekah. I decided to go to the first event cuz I thought it might help me with my self-esteem. I’ve been to two Beautiful You weekend events, the first I just participated in, the second I got to help with the dances and dramas and I loved it. The most challenging part about the weekend was the mirror exercise, looking in the mirror and saying 3 things that were positive about myself. This is difficult because I have had self-esteem issues in the past and have a hard time finding positive things to focus on. But this exercise really helps me realize I need to not focus on what I see as flaws but to point out beauty in myself every day. I loved all the people there! I was so great to see everyone’s heart thru the weekend. I also liked the Random Acts of Kindness that we did on Saturday, our group made bags for all the volunteers who helped at the event and passed them out. It was neat to get a chance to bless the people who had been helping us all weekend.

Any Community Service activities you participate in? How are you now taking what you have learned and impacting those around you?

I help out at my church. I love pets so I helped out at the SPCA for a while. I also enjoy going to New Orleans every year with Legacy Church. I’m still learning, but I try to point out the positive things that I see in other girls around me. I think also I’ve learned to be a better friend and reach out when other people need help.