priceless Princess.

This is a post from one of my favorite devotional books “His Princess”:

My Princess…

You Are My Masterpiece

I love what I have created. I am delighted in you! Don’t ever feel insecure about what you think you are not, because I made you in My image and your uniqueness is a gift from Me. I did not give you a life, My love, for you to squeeze into a man-made mold. You are royalty, but you won’t discover that truth by gazing into a mirror. Let Me be your mirror and I will reflect back to you your true beauty. The more you gaze at Me, the more you will see My workmanship in you. The sooner you see yourself for who you really are, the sooner you can begin your reign as My priceless princess with a purpose.


Your King and your Creator

Eph. 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece, He created us anew in Christ Jesus so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”



Ever since I was a little girl I wanted desperately for someone to find me and “work their magic on me,” like in the movie Cineralla. It wasn’t enough to be a “good person” you needed the beauty to go with it. I waited and waited for the day to come..but no such luck. It never came. I found myself despising the way I looked. I had huge glasses, a big nose, and a gangly body. It never occured to me, until much later, that I Was beautiful, just the way I was. I didnt have to have a “make-over” to make myself into what society tells me is beautiful. I already had the most amazing, talented, fashion designer craft me into existence with His bare hands. God created me the way I am. He formed every part of me. Who am I to say “Oops God, you messed. I’m not right”? Take a look in the mirror, dont compare yourself to anyone else..cuz no one else is there. Take a look at how beautifully, and skillfully God handcrafted you. You. are. beautiful.