Options to bring Beautiful You to you:

Weekend Events- These events are Friday night thru all day Saturday, to be hosted at your church. We incorporate dance, dramas, videos, art, worship, small groups, and speaking into the weekend. Friday night kicks-off with leader introductions, games, worship, small group activities, and powerful speaking. On Saturday we will do a fun, interactive service project, an art project, and we will have a Love Feast for the girls as well as a worship service that night. This whole weekend experience is designed to show girls the truth behind what we see in the media and society and what God’s truth for us is. We will bring the girls closer together as a unit and help them grow individually. We create a safe place for open conversation about many difficult situations girls find themselves in.

One Day Events- This is designed to be a crash course in what a weekend event is. We will use dramas, videos, art, Worship, and speaking to show girls the truth that they Are beautiful. This will be instilled into them by everything we do. We will bring in a band, have interactive games and exercises, do a quick art project and focus on bringing the girls closer together.



Speaking- One of our amazing staff will come speak at your church during your normal youth service, targeting not only the girls in the room but also reaching out to the boys, showing them God’s purpose and unique plan on their life.




We would love to meet and share our vision with Dallas area churches.

Beautiful You is a partner with Legacy Church

Please contact us for more information and partner with us in the this life changing mission to show girls they are worth it and they are beautiful.