Beautiful You Girl – Ashtyn

Name: Ashtyn E.

Grade:  11th

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you hobbies?

I Love listening to music, and I love writing. I always get my ideas for writing based off the music I listen to and people I talk to. I am currently a junior and this year is fast paced and can be extremely difficult one day and then not so crazy the next.

Do you do any after school curricular activities?

I am in Choir, and UIL. My favorite part is singing. We are currently learning songs from the musical Hairspray, which I love. My favorite song to sing is “Bridge over Troubled Water.”

Any favorite Celebrities right now?

I have quite a few favorites, namely; Miranda Cosgrove, Jeanette Mcurty, Rascal Flats, David Archeleta, and Devin Werkeizer. They are awesome!

What is something that brings you the most joy in your life?

Music. It takes me to a whole different world. It’s soothing, reassuring. I also like movies, mainly romantic comedies. I LOVE the movie Gnomeo & Juliet. I love Adam Sandler, Jack & Jill (the movie) & Vampire Diaries.

How did you hear about Beautiful You? What made you decide to come?

Well, I heard Rebekah P. talking about it in Youth Group at Legacy Church. I thought it sounded interesting and I was struggling with self-esteem a little so I thought it might help. During the weekend the Mirror exercise was challenging, because for me it’s hard to say nice things about myself. I have a lot of judgment toward myself and was hiding behind humor the first time we did it. I loved writing in the journals and doing the heart exercise. I also really liked the Random Acts of Kindness during the event. Our group got flowers at the grocery store and then got cards to put on people’s windshield to encourage them. The creative Painting part during the weekend was kind of difficult. It’s hard not to compare your art to those around you, but it was still fun.

How are you involved in your community? And how are you now taking what you have learned and impacting those around you?

I’m going to start volunteering at the Public Library. I’ll be cleaning baby toys, sorting books, moving things for people, and helping the workers. After Beautiful You, I tend to interact with people a little more, being comfortable with them. I try to reach out to people more and talk more. For instance, I’ll talk to people who might be sitting by themselves, even when it doesn’t end well. Knowing that I gave it a good shot and hopefully that brightened their day a little. I also use my writing to give words of encouragement to others.